Birkstein Otler heated glue pump, Alphabond Adhesives

Consistent and accurate pumping for

  • Distilleries
  • Breweries
  • Soft Drink Manufacturers
  • Mineral Water Plants
  • Cider Makers
  • Contract Bottlers
  • Jar Fillers

Ancillary equipment for bottling and packaging lines

  • Adhesive pumping systems
  • Wet glue warming systems
  • Hot melt nozzles and filters

Typical labelling adhesive viscosity can be 200,000 CPS at cold winter temperatures. Warmed up to 25°C, this drops to around 40,000 CPS, - the optimum viscosity for running these glues.


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Most labelling glues are designed to be applied at around 40,000 CPS so, for most factories, the glue must be warmed to give consistent economical performance.


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The Birkstein Otler Heated Glue Pump will keep your operating temperature constant all year giving you these benefits:


  • Consumption Savings
  • No Build up on machine parts
  • No Spitting
  • Consistency
  • Better Quality Labelling

This bottling plant benefits from consistent high quality labelling achieved through Birkstein Otler® heated pumps

Cut your washdown times

Spitting and adhesive build up like this is often caused by wrong temperature or coat weights.

A Birkstein Otler® Pump and correct machine set up will give more production by reducing clean down times.